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We have improved from a “C” rating to a “B” rating as a school district by state standards

and yet we will still continue the work towards seeing the true gains we hope to accomplish. Every school within District 3 has shown growth through my first term in office. All but one of our District 3 schools now have a passing state accountability rating with tremendous growth also being shown on the one campus that does not. With new goals and metrics and support for our new leadership, I believe we are on the verge of seeing incredible academic success in Fort Worth ISD and District 3.



We have worked diligently to ensure that District 3 of Fort Worth ISD has seen and will continue to see substantial infrastructural and monetary investment in our area. We have undertaken historical infrastructural improvements on the Eastside particularly towards our facilities.  Continued beatification and functionality to our High School campuses is happening as well as a brand new elementary and middle school additions are forthcoming. District 3 and the Stop Six neighborhood are getting long overdue upgrades and I want to ensure that historically neglected areas get all that is deserved for our young people and community.

Our school district is currently at a place where consistency in leadership, continuity of

newly established board culture, and proper allocation of resources can elevate our District to be the top district in the state. I want to continue to add to the building momentum we are experiencing in this season and see our progress lead to achievement of which we can all be proud. I have been honored to serve in Board leadership since my inauguration beginning with Board Secretary, moving to 2 nd Vice President, and currently serving as Board Vice President. I was also elected amongst my peers to the Texas Association of School Boards Board of Directors. My plan is to continue this path of leadership to ensure Fort Worth ISD is the premier district that families want to choose.

Passing of the Torch With Christene C. Moss

Passing of the Torch With Christene C. Moss

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