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Accountability - Community - Equity

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Fort Worth schools has some of the best and brightest educators in the country. Additionally, we should always strive to acquire the best talent available for the benefit of our children and our city. As trustee, I will hold our educational experts accountable to working towards constantly improving student outcomes and decision making that is student focused. Accountability is a necessity for every level and position within the educational system. We must empower the Superintendent, Administration, Principals and school staff to be able to perform at the highest level for students and parents.

As a Dunbar Wildcat, I understand personally what it means to have school pride. Wildcats hold their matriculation as a badge of honor for a lifetime. I feel that all communities deserve to have admiration and ownership in their local institutions, particularly the local neighborhood school. I want to help create a culture district-wide where the surrounding community can feel vital to the neighborhood school and the school can be a supportive hub for the neighborhood. The more involved the community the higher the expectation for the students.



Fort Worth ISD’s mission is: Preparing all students for success in college, career, and community leadership. I will make sure that the “all” in the mission statement truly means ALL. We must ensure that every student in Fort Worth is provided the opportunity for quality education from the very best institutions we can provide regardless of any demographic categories. Achievement gaps must close, and every student and school should be provided the resources that suit their individual needs.

Passing of the Torch With Christene C. Moss

Passing of the Torch With Christene C. Moss

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